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New technologies = Lots of questions

I don't have Facebook. How can I use AIRA ?

We’re currently working on other channels to get AIRA connected to you. These are web, iOS and android applications. We’re also developing our technology further to make AIRA accessible by voice.

How do I connect with AIRA ?

You can use our facebook plugin right there and just write “Hi”. Yes, it is that simple. You can also look up for “hello2aira” directly in your facebook messenger.

How do you earn money ?

We give companies the opportunity to write branded news articles. These news will be marked as branded. Our goal is to integrate this concept a high amount of caution and awareness to make sure the branded articles are not missing information or the famous AIRA flair.

What happens with my data ?

We make sure your data is stored anonymously and encrypted. If you have further questions to this please feel free to contact us.

What happens when I say hello ?

Just try it out 😉

I'm not interested in Finance. So what's the point ?

We like to play with the variety of the word ‘finance’. We are going to expand it to topics like economics and businesses in general because the technology is suitable for so many things in our daily life. So just give it a try and decide later wether you like it or not.

Any questions left ?

We got you covered. Feel free to contact us about anything you can think of! (Disclaimer: Until now we didn’t regret using the word “anything”)

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