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API Reference

Why we developed an API

Our vision is to make content more engaging and personal. We want to enable more applications, content providers and businesses to make use of advanced technology. Therefor we developed a simple interface to integrate the technology behind AIRA for other use cases.


Content Recommendation Engine 

The powerful recommendation engine behind AIRA adapts to user behaviour and suggests content which is statistically likely to fit the users needs best. Interactions between content and users get tracked and evaluated by collaborative filtering and machine learning layers.

With on going interactions the algorithm learns to filter customer needs individually. This leads in up to 30% higher user engagement with your content. 


Analytics Dashboard

Gain valuable insights about user behaviour and your content. With our analytics dashboard you are able to see trend early and categorize user groups. This can be crucial fur successfully targeting audiences and analysing content perfomance.

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Basic API access
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Simple Dashboard
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300 MB Content Storage
Next level business!
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Full API access
500.000 API requests per month
Analytics Dashboard
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